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Choose to balance both worlds

An article about GenX parents popped up on my Facebook feed earlier today.

As a 36 year old, self confessed 90s tragic, and mother of three kids aged 13, 10 and 9 a lot of the points in the article resonate with me but I also think that previous generations of parents probably thought the same about their own baby boomer kids and the modern technology of their time too, TV, radio etc.

Just last night I Instagrammed a video of Mr10 playing with Aurasma for the first time. He was combining the real world objects in our household with interactive content to create Auras. Totally fun. Totally creative. This morning, he and his brother were arguing as they built something together in Minecraft. After that they worked together to do the washing up without an issue. This afternoon, they were playing a drawing game (with pens and paper, not on a screen) and awarding one another points. Mr9 thought Mr10 was awarding points too low. They argued. Right now they’re playing Guitar Hero together and laughing their heads off together. Just the usual ups and downs of spending a day together with your brother during the holidays.


Whether you have a screen in front of you or not, your ability to engage with the world still boils down to a child’s ability to engage with other humans. They learn this from their parents, their siblings, their friends, their experiences, their holidays, their conversations. I try to provide my kids with a range of all of these things, online and off.

We the grown ups, need to figure out how to share what we love of our world and memories with our kids, as they navigate their own world and make their own memories. It’s like balancing in the middle of a see-saw…a little bit exciting, a little bit scary.

How do you balance on the see-saw?


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