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My son’s 8th birthday party is this Saturday and due to his love of Minecraft it’s going to be completely themed in Minecraft, from the food, to the games, to the loot bags. The main game is going to be a block treasure hunt where kids collect blocks to ‘craft’ for prizes. Check out the following video from 2:05 to see an example of the cube hunt I’m talking about.

I have a few ideas for prizes but know my PLN will have awesome ones too so please tweet me your ideas or post them as a comment here. So far all I have is a papercraft diamond sword and gold chocolate coins. What ideas do you have?


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  1. Quick way to make grass block cupcakes:* Get a square mud cake* Cut into small square* Dip top onto a plate of green sprinkles Have a dragon piñata at the end of your treasure hunt. Creeper paper finger puppets + Party poppers = ExplodeyCrafting ideas and prizes:* books and quills (colouring books, reading books)* jukebox (iTunes voucher/cd – does anyone buy cd’s any more?)


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