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What can I say, I’m a YA (young adult) fiction nerd! It started very well with Harry Potter back in my uni days and moved onwards and downwards to Twilight (sad but true) when the fad hit back when the first film was released. Since then my YA fiction has basically focused on urban fantasy. I love all things vampires, werewolves, shadowhunters, hobbits, guardians, witches, warlocks and everything in between.

Two years ago I started using Twitter to build a personal learning network. As a teacher, it’s been the strongest tool for my learning and development as an educator. About a year ago I expanded my PLN to include as many YA fiction authors as possible. I justified it as I’m an English teacher but I’m secretly just a fangirl! 🙂 Richelle Mead of Vampire Academy fame and Scott Westerfeld of Uglies fame are two of my favorite authors and tweeters. They engage with their audience and reflect on their writing and publishing experiences through Twitter.


Image credit: Cherie Priest and Phillip Weiss

Yesterday I came across an article in my Google reader feed about a drug that was very similar to a drug used in Westerfeld’s Uglies series. I tweeted it and included Westerfeld in my tweet. Overnight he retweeted me and when I awoke this morning to discover this I turned into a fangirl, bubbly with excitement.


Image credit: Canton Public Library

Twitter feeds my YA addiction and inner-fangirl by allowing me to follow and engage with my favourite authors. Those authors choose awesome when they tweet and engage with their followers. How can we harness that excitement for our students? Who do you follow that engages with their followers and is relevant to student learning today?


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