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It’s a busy time of the term with reports and school events and I’m organising a fundraising golf day/dinner (it’s tomorrow) for an ex-student who is heading to Finland to represent Australia but after five years of teaching I have recently begun to realise that family has to come first, no matter how busy you become with work and/or community ventures.


With that important realisation in mind, the hubby and I headed to Broken Bay Sport & Recreation Camp for the long weekend with our three kids, two good friends and their two kids. My aunty is the General Manager of the camp and I spent many of my childhood holidays with her when she worked at Narrabeen Sport & Rec Camp – I cherish the memories of those holidays and as she approaches retirement next year, I want my kids to build memories of what I remember as ‘the happiest place in the world’.

We spent the very wet weekend on the flying fox (see image), doing archery and playing indoor games in the hall. Although the miserable weather kept the kids indoors more often than not, the kids were still able to amuse themselves, whether it was playing board games or imaginary games involving fantasy creatures and plotlines. There was not an iPod, computer or television in sight and never were the words, “I’m bored” uttered!

This weekend, we spent quality time with friends and family, we built memories, we chose awesome. How was your weekend?



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  1. A fantastic weekend and completely #unplugged too. Thanks for the reminder about looking up and around at what is going on in the analogue world. The awesome experiences and memories from the weekend will last a lifetime 🙂


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