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What is “Choose Awesome”?

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Over the past few weeks I have used the #chooseawesome hashtag on Twitter quite a few times and it gave me the idea for this posterous page. 


In real life and in my online spaces, I seek to “choose awesome” whenever I can. What does “choose awesome” mean? I’m still not sure – it’s a work in progress and this posterous space will definitely develop the concept. At this point, I think it’s when I try to make the most of a situation (good or bad), it’s when I am challenged by a difficult situation and still succeed, it’s engaging kids in a great lesson, it’s spending quality time with my family, it’s making a good meal (in 20 minutes) and it’s making the world a better place. 


I will never be perfect (and don’t want to be) but I can “choose awesome” and try to enrich the lives of people around me through my actions. This new venture into posterous will record and reflect on those moments when I “choose awesome” and even those moments where I thought I was “choosing awesome” and it was an epic fail. I imagine that many posts will relate to my life as a teacher but also as a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. 


Let the awesome adventure begin…



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  1. That blog made my day. You are so right. We choose our own outcomes. I guess it all comes back to the ‘if you have a lemon’ idea. I would love to implement this in my own teaching / life.


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